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Top 10 Blogs To Make You A Better Blogger-Must Read To Become a Blogging Icon

For every naive blogger or a master blogger it's always good to evolve by reading other blogs. No one can say they are a master blogger. Blogging is a place which evolves everyday. But, the following blogs have become like the silver bullets of hallmark of success. So, let's check who are these top 10 blogs which can help you achieve the zenith in blogging.


1. ProBlogger – Started by Darren Rowse in 2004, this top site offers advice on creating a successful blog, including blog design, writing content and SEO. The site also hosts a forum, workbooks and a jobs board for bloggers.
2. Copyblogger – Everything you need to know about creating content, copywriting, SEO and internet marketing. Check out their e-books, seminars and webinars.
3. – This site aims to be a community for bloggers, writers and readers to connect. The team of writers offers blogging advice, guides and resources.
4. DailyBlogTips – Covers blogging basics, design, SEO and internet marketing. Check out useful sister site, DailyWritingTips for daily tips on grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary. This is one of my favorite sites.
5. Basic Blog Tips – Ileane offers blogging tutorials, including podcasts and scores of YouTube videos.

6. For Bloggers by Bloggers – A roster of top, passionate bloggers offers advice on how to create, sustain and grow a blog.
7. Michelle Shaeffer – Michelle shares her experience – both good and bad – as a successful blogger. Her tag line, Building your visibility, voice and community online, says it all.
8. WPBeginner – If you’re using WordPress as the platform for your blog, this is a great resource. The blog provides tips, tricks, hacks, and other resources for the WordPress community. Check out bobwpand Lorelle on WordPress, also.
9. – If you want to go beyond the basic WordPress installation and get advice on how to super-optimize your blog, check out Moz (formerly, SEOMoz).
10. Legal Bloggers – Though they occasionally offer blogging tips, this is less about that and more about lawyers blogging with passion. Three of my favorites are legal blogging veterans Kevin O’Keefe (Real Lawyers Have Blogs), Carolyn Elefant (MyShingle) and Lee Rosen (Divorce Discourse – don’t let the title fool you – this blog is all about practical, insightful advice on running and growing a law practice).
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    1. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words... :)

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