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How to Add Facebook like Box in Blogger Blog

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are providing the custom like and follow boxes which can help bloggers to gain dedicated followers to your blog. 
Now a days, social networking sites became an integral part of blogging. Facebook like box can help you to extend your reach and connect to the audience by proving them a mean to join you on Facebook. Which in turn, will help you to grow traffic on your blog too. 

{Note: You have to edit your Blog's template.It is recommended to take a backup of your Blog. First Click on  your Blogger Dashboard - click on template- click on Backup/Restore and download the template from the pop-up window}

So, let's check- How to Add Facebook like Box in Blogger Blog:
  • Now that you have taken the backup, you are ready for the process. Visit the Facebook Developers.
  • You will see a window like the one shown below.

  • Customize the look and feel, height, width of your Like box from the left window and you can see the changes in real-time on right window.
  • Uncheck the show stream, if you don't want the latest posts with this widget.
  • Uncheck the header checkbox, if you don't want to display "Find us on Facebook"(as you can see on our blog).
  • Once you are done with the customization, click on Get code. It would pop-up a window like the one shown below.

  • Click on Edit template from the Blogger dashboard. Copy the "Code A" from the above window and paste it just after the <body> tag.
  • Now save the template and click the Layout button.
  • Click on add a gadget from your sidebar. Add HTML/JavaScript gadget and Paste the "Code B" in it.
  • Now you are done. Save the arrangement and click on View Blog.
Congrats,you just added a Facebook Like Box on your blog.

If you have any doubts or suggestions. Please comment below.


  1. I am so grateful for your post- I still could not get it to work. ?? You have to edit the facebook page url- right? before you request the code? That was the only thing I changed...

    I am not sure why it is not working...

    1. Yes, you have to copy the Facebook Page URL properly. And, then it will generate the code which you need to paste in your Blogger Template and a Gadget. I guess,you might have messed it in pasting the code.

      If you need assistance, I may help you in person also through Team Viewer. Thank you...

  2. Hello Ather- thanks for offering me to help me... what is "team viewer"?

    1. Team Viewer is a software which helps to remotely control the host computer. You can read about it on Wikipedia. Using this software, I may able to help you configure the Facebook Widget. If you are interested? Thank you...

  3. Hi, very nice stuff. I got a doubt I could not find the body tag, can you please assist me ?


    1. I managed to do it thanks .

      but mine only got 2 rows how to make it 3 rows like yours please help

    2. The number of rows depends on the height you have chosen during Facebook box configuration or on the number of Facebook likes you do have on your page. Thank you. :)

    3. thank you for answering so fast

  4. Brilliant description, I am bit confused with two types of code, and now doubts are dispelled. Have a nice day.

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