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How To Get Approved By YouTube Content Identification Program ContentID

YouTube has created an advanced set of 
copyright policies and content management tools to give rights holders control of their content. YouTube provides content management solutions for rights holders of all sizes across the world, and provides tools to cater to the specific needs of various rights owners.

What is Content ID?

YouTube's state-of-the-art technologies let rights owners:
  • Identify user-uploaded videos comprised entirely OR partially of their content, and
  • Choose, in advance, what they want to happen when those videos are found.  
  • Make money from them. Get stats on them. Or block them from YouTube altogether.
It's up to you.

Why use Content ID?

  • Make Money. Hundreds of media companies have signed up already, multiplying their inventory of monetizeable videos.
  • Fan Interaction. Turn your fans into marketers and distributors of your content—while letting them interact with their favorite content.
  • Reduce Infringement. Educate your fans about your copyright preferences and prevent your content from being distributed on YouTube without your permission.
  • Fully Automated. Once you're set up, Content ID will identify, claim, and apply policies to YouTube videos for you.
  • Market Data. Access snapshots of your content profile on YouTube, anytime. See how your videos are performing, monetizing, being blocked—at a glance.

Instructions on - How To Fill Form

1-Enter your First and Last Name

2- Country/Region (exactly place)

3- Phone Number 

4- Your Blog or Website URL

5- Choose one for which describes your content the best

6- Tell them how many copyright do you exclusively control (that means how many articles or self-created thing you have in your entire life?)

7- You may be an individual, or Organization, whatever best describe your account 

8- Have you issued a copyright take down notice (have you you ever issued a third party strike) tell true,because they check your channel whether can be trusted or not.

9- Where do you host or distribute your content

  • I Choose on my Website and YouTube.

10-Why do you want to choose content id program (select all that apply as mentioned)

11- I want to use content id to identify
  • I recommend you to select:-
  • Audio-visual content (video with an audio channel)

12-Please explain briefly why would you want to participate in Content Identification Program

    I do upload videos on various kind of animals. And, I also upload videos mostly of my vacations with my friends.

Try to explain more briefly ,never copy and past ,they may detect this and you will be rejected.Use strongly recommended words with high vocabulary.This may encourage them to get you started by next steps via email

13-Please Provide a representative list of copyrighted works under your exclusive control:-
  • I have created a blog/website and I do share my videos with explanation on my tutorials.

[Tips:-Never show blank space in step 12 or 13,write without leaving any line]

That's it. If everything will be perfect. There are good chances for your ContentID claim will get approved. best of luck.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, please leave your comment below.


  1. for step 13 we give them our website adderess?

  2. I Submit this application 3 months ago but not receive email I am not understan please fix my problem:
    Your information was submitted onJul 6, 2014.

    Thank you for your interest in the Content Identification Program. Please be patient with us as we get to your request. We will contact you with the next steps via email at once we have reviewed your application.

    This is a Beta program, and we're in an ongoing process of refining, improving, and scaling the system up to meet everyone's needs.

  3. Did they approve your Content ID application after doing these steps? As well, i've heard rumors that they no longer even check this application, do you know whether or not these rumors are true?

    1. Yes, i realize this post is 2 years old, but this application still exists in the form it existed in back then.

    2. How long did your application take till it was approved?

    3. I never got approved, a day after i submitted mine, i got a rejection that said i don't have enough viewership

    4. I've seen you got approved now, I've checked your channel out and you have the network stats in your about section. How many views did you obtained when you applied?

  4. I didn't, those network stats are from paid channels.

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