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How much do you earn per day through Google AdSense program?

Google AdSense income! Do you know much about Google AdSense income? Many web sites, blogs, forum post etc. claiming that they earn $1000 or even more through Google AdSense. I spent much time reading these type of articles or pages. But what is the real truth? I will tell you. After reading this page, you have a basic idea about AdSense income. You then easily calculate your the daily income through Google AdSense. Before accessing to main contents, I want to say something about Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense program?

Google AdSense program is really a reliable program to earn money. If you have a google adsense account, you can easily earn some money through google AdSense program. You just need to insert some lines of code to your web site or blog or forum posts. And that's all. Now, google adsense program will display several ads or google ad based on your contents and thus you can easily earn some money through google AdSense.

Why you use Google AdSense Program?

At first I want to say that Google AdSense Program is a nice program for all types of publishers. There are lots of other program like AdBrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, Chitika, AdToll, Exit Junction, Yahoo Publisher Network etc. I already have used several of them and found that Google AdSense is the best among all of them. Moreover, I see that Google AdSense offers the best ads which is very relevant to your content. The earning report of Google AdSense is very transparent and easy to understand to all. So, I personally suggest to use Google AdSense program for earning money.

What is the lie of people to earn money through Google AdSense program?

This section will tell you the great lie of several advertising companies. You might have seen that several advertisers or web publishers or blog owners or software marketing person always advertise that the earn more than $1000 per day.They also even give prove that they earn more than $1000 per day. For example, there is a screen shot which tells that this publisher can earn more than $1000 everyday.
The false earnings of several advertisers to sell or advertise their products
Do you believe this? If yes then answer a question: How much effort and time is needed to earn $1 for you? I think, you already get the answer.
Actually these type of screen shots and prove is totally false. They are just advertising their own products. For example, they just show you their success and at last they offer several courses or books or tutorial materials for some small payments. If they offer one book just $20 and if 1000 people buy that book then the easily get 20000$ dollars. So, they just advertise and earns a lot. So, don't believe their false prove.

Is Google AdSense program is a lie?

No, definitely it's not a lie. Google AdSense Program is the real truth to earn money through Google AdSense. You can really earn some money through Google AdSense easily. If you use Google AdSense program, you may get $100 to 1000$ easily of each month (Remember, I say each month not every day). But to do that you have to work some times. If you are new, please do not think much income at first. Work and wait, you will see that day by day your earnings are increasing. So, you have to wait for some day.

The real scenario of Google AdSense

Do you know how much people generally do income from Google AdSense? I have some friends who are using Google AdSense program more than 1 years ago. I was first introduced to Google AdSense program by my friends. They have several web sites and blogs. They earn money but not huge. In the following table, I will present my four friends income. The following earnings are not my earnings. Those earnings are my four friends earnings. They use only Google AdSense program and earn like:
AdSense Users
Laste Month(June) Income
Last Month (June) Avg. Per Day Income
AdSense User : 01
AdSense User : 02
AdSense User : 03
AdSense User : 04
The above figure is the real scenario of Google AdSense income. So, don't believe to the advertisers who advertise that they will help you to earn $1000 per day.

How much money is possible to earn through Google AdSense program?

Yes, it's the most critical question to answer. No body can give you the exact answer. People can only guess and then answer.
I will try to answer this question based on my friends earnings. The earnings are totally based on page impressions and clicks. So, the no of visitors of your web page or blog is very important to earn money easily. The more visitors you get, the more you will be able to earn.
Typically, if you get 1000 visitors per day, you may earn $1 to $3 per day. I again tell you this is just the estimation not the real value. If you analysis the above table, you will see this type of situation.
So, you can conclude that if you get 10000 visitors, you may get $10 to $30 per day.

How to increase visitors and increase Google AdSense income?

When people really understand Google AdSense, then they keep attention on the following two things:
  • No of page visitors: If the total no of visitors of your site or blog is increased then the total no of clicks and impressions will also be increased. So, you then earn much easily per day. You can easily increase visitors by publishing contents daily, by telling to the friends of your new published contents, by answering the questions of others of several forums, by answering the comments of your contents, by commenting others posts etc. When the no of page views are increasing, your earning will also be increasing.
  • Placement of Ads of Google AdSense Ads: You also have to find out the better ad placement space. If you place your ads at the end of the page, then you may loose high income. I suggest the following figure to place Google AdSense ads. See the red marked area. This is the best place for showing ads. Later, the orange areas are suitable for Google AdSense ads. So, try to place Google AdSense ads on those places.
By satisfying the above two conditions, you can easily earn much and you will see that Google AdSense income is increasing very rapidly.
Red color and orange color areas are the best suitable place for Google AdSense ads.

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