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How I doubled my Google Adsense Earning

Whenever I talk to bloggers who use Google adsense, many complain that they have not yet received their first cheque. Earning through Google Adsense is possible only if you have decent traffic.

Factors you need to analyze and keep track about your blog to increase your Google Adsense Earnings
  1. Quality Traffic – First and foremost important fact is that you need traffic to get clicks on your Adsense ads and to get traffic you need good content and valuable user base. You should work on getting more traffic by using different methods like social network marketing, increasing your RSS feed subscribers, etc
  2. Sources of Traffic – There are different sources of traffic, like Search engines, direct traffic, referral traffic. Search engine traffic and the best source of traffic for many reasons. A visitor coming to your website or blog from a search engine could be a new visitor and could even become a regular visitor. The chances of a search engine visitor to click on a Google Adsense ad is more than any other visitor source.
  3. Topic of your blog – Topic of your blog plays a very important role in increasing your eCPM and CTR of your blog. Some keywords are highly priced in Google Adwords, so if your blog has a topic which has keywords which are highly priced, then the earnings per click on your ads could be high and vise versa.
  4. Good quality content – You might be aware of the saying that “Content is King” and its very much true in the case of visitor, traffic and earnings. Keep your blog updated with fresh and unique content, you will surely get more traffic an subsequently increase in Google Adsense earnings.
  5. Theme or Layout of your blog – Ads should be placed well and should be seen well by your blog readers. I cannot say which layout will work well for your blog, so you need to work on this. Do research on this by changing your blog ads placement. I would advice a text ad above the content, below the title of your blog post and one text ad preferably a 336 x 300 size. You should also try the linked units which work very well for me.
To be very frank, Google adsense does not work well on all kinds of blog, you need to do different experiments with colors of the ads, layouts, placement and other settings.If you have any tested tips on Google Adsense, please feel free to comment.


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